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Acquiring Master’s of Business Administration from Oxford University adds to his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the prestigious Sardar Patel College of Engineering. Coupling management abilities with his sound technical acumen has en route Pentacle Consultants (India) Pvt. Ltd., with the vision to expand and take his own company to accelerating heights.

“Pentacle’s infrastructure solutions accelerate business by step changing service delivery – from reaction and business response to innovation and business differentiation.

The dynamics of the civil and infrastructure construction environment are demanding a possession of first-hand experience in traditional and non-traditional project delivery methods.

We’ve also have re-imagined the delivery of infrastructure services. Why? The pace of business change is fast outstripping IT change, businesses are constantly facing new IT alternatives, and technology convergence is accelerating.”


The Chairman

The Chairman brings to the company a treasure trove of over 52 years of experience in the field of Civil & Structural Engineering. Having completed his Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from ‘Birla College of Engineering- Pilani, now known as BITS-Pilani’ he has worked in various fields associated with civil engineering over the last 5 decades.

“Organizations need better solutions quickly – the answer is to rethink infrastructure from being a foundation stone on which business is built, to a driving force that helps organizations move and change at a constantly faster rate.

Our services are helping companies around the world deliver what’s most critical to their business, faster. We call it ‘Infrastructure that accelerates growth”

Mr. Arun Kelkar

The Chairman

Worked with giants such as :

M.N. Dastur & Company (P) Ltd,
Humphreys & Glasgow Consultants Pvt. Ltd,
Simon Carves and MS Chiyoda Corporation-Japan

Dr. Tarun Kant

Our Advisor


Our Advisor

Our advisor is a B.Tech (Hons) in Civil Engineering (1967) from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) followed with a Ph.D. degree (1977) from IIT Bombay. Selected as an Assistant Professor (1978) and later became a Professor (1986). He has been a visiting professor at prestigious universities like University of Cambridge (1993), University of California (2005).

He has published 117 articles in refereed journal and edited four books. Kant has supervised 22 Ph.D. Theses and 71 MTech dissertations

“Accelerating Growth means, to investment in technology and professional qualification aiming at continuous improvement and to meet, national & international market demand s, on an effective & efficient basis.